With summer in Australia just around the corner, there’s no better time to consider getting  your teeth whitened. Whether you want to feel like a new you, or prepare for upcoming important events such as family gatherings, weddings or holidays, a radiant white smile is sure to impress as you enjoy the exciting and refreshing outdoors.

What is 3LT Smart Bleaching? 

3LT Smart Bleaching is the world’s most advanced teeth whitening system to achieve a long-lasting pearly-white smile in less than one hour. It uses pure green non-laser light to activate the red alkaline gel applied on the teeth, ensuring a highly effective yet gentle teeth whitening treatment.

3LT Smart Bleaching is the perfect option for those with mild staining or yellowing on their teeth, such as from aging, smoking, or dietary habits.

Is it worth it?

For its price (just $850 on our Summer special!), Smartbleach is a superior solution for those to looking to get their teeth whitened, achieving a highly desirable outcome in 45 minutes. Unlike other bleaching systems, your gums are protected, and it does not heat the pulp of the tooth or dehydrate the teeth, leading them to darken again. SmartBleach will leave you feeling happy, care-free and confident with your natural whiter smile as you enjoy the warmer months.

How does it compare to Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom Teeth Whitening has been the most popular choice for teeth whitening due to being widely available, cost-effective in comparison to Smartbleach ($500-2000), and relatively long-lasting for 3 years.

However, with Zoom having the benefit of strong branding and marketing over the years, 3LT Smart Bleaching has been ignored despite being a much better option.

Zoom takes 1.5 hours to complete, and uses laser light to heat the bleach (or gel), increasing and prolonging sensitivity post-treatment, and dehydrating the teeth. Many people have reported feeling pain after the Zoom procedure. Zoom also uses whitening gel with hydrogen peroxide, which can be harmful to your teeth and gums if used improperly and in a non-professional setting.

Why does 3LT deliver better results?

3LT Smart Bleaching is a newer higher-quality treatment which lasts a much longer time of 3-5 years, as it stabilises smaller molecules in the tooth and stops them from reforming into large ones. 3LT also has a lower chair time of 45-60 minutes, no dehydration is involved, there is minimal sensitivity during and after the procedure, and best of all, the results of a whiter, brighter smile are visible immediately post-treatment.

Does it damage the teeth?

3LT does not damage the teeth at all compared to Zoom. It does not use a laser to activate the gel, – which can heat the tooth enamel and living pulp in the mouth – reducing the risk of tooth damage or pain. A protective coating is also applied to the teeth and gums before the photodynamic Smartbleach interaction between the light and gel to prevent any damage.

How does it feel?

With 3LT Smart Bleaching, the use of the pure green light from the sunlight spectrum with the red alkaline gel means you undergo a non-acidic, painless process to achieve a beautiful, natural white smile. Because the light for Smartbleach is a premium product with anti-sensitivity technology, the teeth whitening process is an all-round comfortable experience.

Is there any preparation to worry about after?

No significant preparation is needed immediately after the teeth whitening process other than eating white foods (such as potato, rice, chicken, etc.) for the next 48 hours. Daily brushing, flossing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and dietary results is important to maintain long-lasting results.

Does anyone notice?

Results from 3LT Smart Bleaching are visible immediately after the procedure, so people you know will certainly notice your new pearly-white smile. Be prepared for plenty of compliments from friends and friends as you go to a barbecue or head to the beaches this lovely summer.

Can I get these results at home?

Unfortunately, natural or at-home teeth whitening kits do not give the same safe or reliable results as an in-office appointment. They do not last as long as a professionally supervised 3LT Smart bleaching treatment, require regular upkeep and even then, do not guarantee the strong shade of durable white SmartBleach provides.

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