Digital dental x-rays are the most wonderful advances in dental technology. For a digital dental x-ray, the dentist inserts a sensor into the patient’s mouth to capture images to analyze their condition. Unlike conventional dental x-rays, where the images are developed, here the sensor is connected to the computer screen where the x-ray images are visible and stored.

Many people feel that x-rays are harmful to their health, but that’s not really true. Plus, with with digital dental x-rays, there is nothing to worry about. The amount of radiation emitted from these x-rays is lesser as compared to conventional dental x-rays. Also, with growing technological precision x-rays have become safe for human use. But, what makes digital dental x-rays so desirable among the dentists? In this article, we will list down some digital dental x-ray advantages that answers the question of why you should opt for digital dental x-rays.

Digital dental x-ray advantages

  • Digital dental x-rays use 70% less radiation than conventional dental x-rays. By using digital dental x-rays, the risk to the health of dental patients, especially pregnant women and children, has been lowered to a significant extent.
  • Digital dental x-rays provide better visualization capability than conventional x-rays. It is possible to enhance the x-ray image on the computer screen. This feature of digital dental x-rays help the dentists to diagnose the dental issue much more effectively.
  • Unlike conventional dental x-rays, digital dental x-rays do not require any chemical or film to view the x-ray image. This results in making the dental x-ray procedure more environmental friendly than before.
  • With digital dental x-rays, there is no need to wait for processing the image. The image is immediately available on the computer screen. This means that the x-ray is available to you immediately. This eliminates the waiting time, which came with conventional x-rays. It also helps start the treatment quickly..
  • Detecting dental problem has become more comfortable and easier since the advent of digital dental x-rays. As the image is projected on the computer screen, it is possible to enhance the quality of the image. This helps devise an accurate treatment plan for a dental problem. Also, with the detailed information, the chances of missing out on a dental issues are prevented to a significant extent.
  • Digital dental x-ray images can be easily stored in a computer. Thus, you don’t require paper files to store them for records. This reduces a lot of paperwork, thereby eliminating the hassle of maintaining vast patient records.
    Since the x-ray images can be stored digitally, it becomes easier to share them with other dentists. So, when a dentist requires an opinion, these digital images can easily be shared with them via emails, thereby increasing efficiency.

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