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Where to Get a Dental Implant in Sydney? Why Choose Sydney Road Dental Care

3 Jun 2021

Where to Get a Dental Implant in Sydney? Why Choose Sydney Road Dental Care

Are missing, broken, or diseased teeth affecting your confidence? It doesn’t have to be this way – dental implants are the solution to loving your smile again. If you need a dental implant in Sydney, here’s why you should come to Sydney Road Dental Care for this truly transformative and life-changing treatment. 


We help people from all over Greater Sydney restore their smiles and emjoy better oral health through customised dental implant procedures. So stop hiding your mouth, avoiding photographs, or just not smiling! We will give you a natural, stunning smile you can be proud of, whether you are missing just one or two teeth or need a complete mouth makeover.


Here’s what you can expect when you come to us for a dental implant in Sydney:


Oral health is the key to a successful dental implant.


We start with oral health 


Oral health is the key to a successful dental implant. Your treatment always begins with an oral health assessment, where we diagnose and treat any dental diseases, infections and issues before we even start to plan your implants. By beginning your treatment journey with a healthy mouth, gums, and teeth, you can look forward to years of happy smiling and dental implants that last as long as natural teeth would.


We can replace one missing tooth or full sets


Because a dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth that is held in place in your jawbone, just like a natural tooth with a root, we can replace one tooth or rows of teeth. We always do this in the most effective way possible, to minimize your costs and treatment time. We can even give you an entire set of brand-new upper or lower teeth using just four screw implants – this is called ‘All-on-4’. Say goodbye to old-fashioned dentures that you need to take out and clean!


We digitally plan your smile – for the most natural result



At Sydney Road Dental Care we use the very latest in modern dentistry techniques and technologies to personalize your dental implants and customize and colour-match your smile design. Your teeth – or lack of them – affect your mouth shape which in turn affects your whole facial appearance, not just your smile! This is why we invest so much care and attention in planning your treatment and designing your implants, so you get the very best and most natural-looking result. 3D X-ray scans allow us to ensure that dental implants are suitable and safe for you, to measure the size of implants you need and even the angle they need to be placed, to fit with your mouth and jaw. 


We excel in complicated dental cases


Even if you think your smile and teeth are beyond help, think again! We excel in complete mouth reconstructions. We combine different cosmetic dentistry techniques with dental implants, such as extractions, composite veneers, and restorations, to restore full mouth function so you can eat, drink and smile with confidence. You will be amazed at what is possible with the right approach. No smile is unfixable!

No smile is unfixable!


It’s a pain-free experience 


The thought of a dental implant can be a scary and daunting prospect. But don’t worry! Dental implant technology has come a long way. Today’s dental implants are smaller, not painful to fit, are comfortable, long-lasting, and have faster healing times thanks to careful and detailed treatment planning. 


Did you know, for instance, that we can fit a simple single implant and replace a missing tooth in under half an hour, with no pain? We also provide sleep dentistry, where you are fully sedated throughout your dental procedure. 


At Sydney Road Dental Care, it is all about what you are most comfortable with. We make it as easy and stress-free as we can for you to achieve your dream smile, through personal, patient-focused care and support that meets your individual needs.


Want to know more about getting a dental implant in Sydney? Book your no-obligation consultation today


Come and see how a dental implant can restore your smile with a no-obligation consultation with our expert cosmetic dentists. We will show you before and afters, talk you through typical treatment and costs and give you an indication about whether a dental implant is right for you. If you need a dental implant in Sydney, we are located in the heart of Manly on the Northern Beaches, easily accessible by road and direct ferry from the CBD. Book your consultation online here or call our friendly team on (02) 9977 2442.