Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry, which concerns itself with the aesthetic qualities of your smile. You might have observed the immaculate smile of movie stars and you might have wondered how a “natural smile” touches levels of perfection. What really catches your attention is the full-fledged brilliance of cosmetic dentistry. This is the art of meticulously constructing ‘the perfect smile’. Naturally, some are always unsure of how easily cosmetic dentistry achieves such results. And, this leads to a whole host of misconceptions about cosmetic dentistry. In this post, we intend to clear the air around these cosmetic dentistry myths.

“Cosmetic Dentistry is for the Affluent”

There is simply no substance to this statement. For instance, if you intend to get rid of your chipped or cracked tooth, you can rely on the extremely affordable dental bonding procedure. One procedure at a time is not going to burden your wallet too much. This cosmetic dentistry myth is prevalent because the affluent (take the celebrities, for instance) go for multiple procedures at the same time to achieve the results they’re after. If that is what you’re after, then yes, you might have to end up shelling out a steep sum of money. The best strategy to adopt here is: fix one flaw at a time.

“I Don’t Want to Treat All My Teeth”

We have no idea where this myth originated. Those who believe making improvements to one’s smile needs the dentist to fix all the teeth should know that’s not true. The dentist will first assess your condition and accordingly determine how many of your teeth need some cosmetic tweaking. Come to think about it, there is no need to treat all your teeth simply because you notice one or two of your teeth have chipped.

“Cosmetic Dentistry? Does That Not Pain?”

Once again, there is no substance to this cosmetic dentistry myth. To begin with, most of the cosmetic dentistry procedures are completely painless. The few ones that do involve some sensation of pain, such as dental veneers, are not really painful because the dentist always offers the patients with a numbing agent to cease the sensation of pain. Gone are the days when dental paranoia was justified.

“Cosmetic Dentistry Only Helps With Appearance”

Yes, it’s true that the primary focus of cosmetic dentistry is to make improvements to the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. That does not necessarily mean there are no general improvements you will witness along the way. The cosmetic dentistry procedures that involve closing the gap between your teeth ensure your mouth isn’t a breeding ground for debris and bacteria, which leads to tooth decay. Other dental procedures also involve strengthening your teeth or your jawbone.

If you have any further reservations about the suitability of getting a cosmetic dentistry procedure, then you will do well to contact our team of professional dentists for clarity. Do not, however, rely on myths that aren’t supported by facts – you’ll be doing disservice to your future smile.