Your wisdom tooth can emerge as early as at the age of sixteen or as late as at the age of twenty-five or later. Unlike common belief, wisdom tooth doesn’t have to be extracted in all cases. It needs to be removed if it poses potential risks to your oral health. A dentist decides when you need to extract your wisdom tooth with the help of X-rays. Enlisted here are certain signs you need your wisdom tooth removed:

Persistent Pain

One of the most vital signs you need your wisdom tooth removed is constant pain and irritation at in the area. Many a times, wisdom tooth emerges in the wrong direction as there is not enough room for it to erupt. As a result, it can push surrounding teeth leading to pain and other oral problems. The best way to deal with this is to take an appointment for a dental check-up.

Inflammation In The Gums

As your wisdom tooth grows in the wrong direction, you may experience inflammation and redness of gums around the area. Continuous pain in the gums around your wisdom tooth can probably be due to inflamed gums. Visit your dentist to get it checked, as in some cases the wisdom tooth may be stuck inside your gums causing pain and infection.

Stiffness In Your Jaw

The position of the wisdom tooth can obstruct jaw movement and affect chewing. The wisdom tooth can push other teeth that can cause discomfort in your jaw. This is the reason why there can be a sudden stiffness and soreness in your jaw. If left untreated, it can become painful to open and close your mouth.


In some cases, the wisdom tooth may not emerge fully as it may compete for space with your neighboring teeth. The uneven and partial growth of wisdom tooth can lead to cysts in the gum tissues. Cysts can result in the development of cavities and deep pockets that can further lead to oral infections.

In such cases, the dentist may recommend extracting your wisdom tooth. Therefore, if you are suffering from any of these signs, book an appointment with us immediately. Our dentists will be able to take a closer look and take you through the steps to remove your wisdom tooth.