Do you feel conscious whenever people look at you, and they take notice of your crooked teeth? Does it make you feel a little less attractive knowing that others have that perfectly white and straight set of teeth and you don’t? If you have crooked teeth, it will make you feel good knowing that you now have more than a handful of options to correct them. All types of teeth straightening procedures are useful. The choice of which one to go for will depend on the dentist’s assessment of your needs as well as the careful evaluation of your current dental concerns.

· Dental Implants

Implants act as the replacement for the tooth or teeth that need to be extracted to achieve desired straightening results. The dentist removes the original tooth and replaces it with an implant that is made to look and function like a natural tooth. You can eat and speak normally, if not better than you did before. Implants are relatively more costly than the other teeth straightening procedures, but its benefits are long term.

· Traditional And Clear Braces

Metal brackets adhered to your teeth are referred to as traditional braces. This type of treatment covered a period depending on how crooked your teeth are. It also requires regular dental appointments when the dentist adjusts the tightness of the brackets to help move the teeth in the right position. And then there are clear braces usually made from ceramic materials. They are created to have the same color as your teeth to keep them hidden. Others can’t even tell you are wearing braces unless you tell them about it.

· Invisalign

This teeth-straightening procedure uses custom-made aligners for your mouth. They move the teeth to its place smoothly and comfortably. The aligners are often replaced to ensure that the teeth are moved where they should be. There are no wires or metal brackets, and the aligners are clear, so they are technically invisible to others. The treatment can last over a month or several months and the aligners need to be changed at least once every two weeks until the procedure is complete.

Perhaps the only difference that will make you want to go for one over all the rest is urgency. How fast do you want to see results? How long does it take for the procedure to straighten your teeth and give you the boost of confidence that you need? Get all the answers to your questions from your trusted dentist from Sydney Road Dental Care. We’ll be glad to be of assistance.