Dental bonding has gained popularity over the past years for patients who are looking for solutions to restore and improve the minor damage to their tooth. There are numerous options when it comes to tooth restoration procedures, but dental bonding is the popular post one because it delivers instant solutions. It only takes one visit to the dentist, and that’s it. You can have your tooth restored, and your smile is looking brighter and whiter too.

When trying to decide whether you should go for dental bonding or consider another treatment like a veneer or a dental crown, it is crucial that you understand the pros and cons of the treatment options. Here is a list of the pros and cons to help you decide if dental bonding is the treatment that you want:


· If you are dealing with a cracked or chipped off tooth and you want an immediate solution, then dental bonding is for you. Going to your trusted dentist in Manly for such treatment will help prevent the tooth from getting infected, making it possible for you to begin eating again without any form of discomfort.

· Dental bonds are designed to look like your natural tooth. With dental bonding, the natural enamel of the teeth need not be removed. The surface of the teeth only needs to be roughened a little before the bonding material is applied.

· Tooth with bonding material is easy to take care of. In fact, you don’t need to avoid anything, and there is no need for any special cleaning. All you need is to ensure to go about regular dental hygiene practices, and your dental bond is as good as your natural teeth.


· Perhaps the only issue that you may have over dental bonding is its longevity. It is durable, but when compared to getting a crown, dentists of Sydney Road Dental Care highly recommend their patients to get a crown instead. It is much more durable than a bond.

· Since the procedure in the application of the dental bond is fast and can be completed within the day; it can be considered slightly more fragile. Also, it only covers a portion of a tooth and not the whole of it making it more prone to damages.

· When the composite resin that makes the dental bond look natural starts to wear off through time, the difference between the bond and the natural tooth may start to become more apparent too.

Whether it is a dental bond, a crown or a veneer, it is essential that you only go to the dentist you trust. There may be a lot of cosmetic dentists in Manly and choosing just one may be a challenge, but remember not to settle with the cheapest. Find a dentist that you feel comfortable with and you won’t have to worry about your dental health ever again.