Tooth decay isn’t a problem that only adults deal with. In fact, most parents of toddlers worry about their children suffering from tooth decay. As early as two, children can develop dental problems. With their diet as well as the lack of dental hygiene practices in place, any child can suffer from tooth decay and the pain that comes with the infection. When the child cries in the middle of the night because of the tooth problem, any parent will do anything to keep their child pain-free.

It is important to seek the help of dental professionals in this time of crisis. In fact, even before the problem of tooth decay develops into a problem, parents must take their children to see the dentist. Although it is only twice a year that everyone must see their dentist, dental professionals from Sydney Road Dental Care does the routine dental cleaning as well as careful evaluation of the child’s overall dental condition. Through these regular check-ups, dentists can detect growing problems of tooth decay, especially in toddlers, and provide preventive treatments to keep it from getting worse.

Tooth decay in toddlers occurs when bacteria in the mouth begin to eat away the healthy primary teeth. Inadequate dental care or not being able to brush your child’s teeth correctly could be the leading cause of tooth decay. The food and beverages included in their daily diet are also contributing factors to the deterioration in their teeth. One of the most common reasons why such young kids develop cavities in the mouth is because they go to sleep after getting a bottle of milk.

The acid content in the milk feeds the growth of bacteria in the mouth. When left overnight, the bacteria further grow in number and starts to feed on the tooth enamel. Such condition is referred to by dentists as the baby bottle tooth decay. Unhealthy eating habits are the most significant contributors to bacteria in the mouth. Allowing the child to chew gum or suck on candy for a period can cause cavities. Sugary foods are the best source of food for bacteria in the mouth.

The more important fact to learn about tooth decay in toddlers is the one that leads to its prevention. Parents must seek the help of dental professionals to keep their children from developing bad habits that could eventually lead to tooth decay. No parent should ever ignore child dental care. After all, good oral practices help keep the young children healthy and strong in all aspects of their being.