The day that you take your child to his first dental appointment is a milestone occasion, but it could also be a scary and often stressful situation for your little one. Every Northern Beaches family dentist knows how essential it is for the first dental visit to be as smooth as possible as it could spell the difference in the child’s oral health condition in the long run.

This unexplainable fear of the dentist may be a result of the stories he heard from the other kids or the older kids scaring him about the dentist and dental appointments. Such fears, when not dealt with before the dental visit might result in him to being uneasy during the dental visit. It might be difficult for him to relax which could lead him to tears or worse to having a tantrum.

Dentists Manly understand the importance of good oral hygiene and regular dental visits, especially to the overall dental health of young children. They suggest you do the following to help make the first dental visit of your child a good one.

Tip 1: Talk To Him About It Beforehand.

Speak to your child about the procedure beforehand. The thought of being in a clinic may be scary for him, and it is important that you let him know that you understand. You may explain to your child what the dentist and the staff does and how important it is for him to be checked. Encourage him to talk to the dentist and try to ask questions about the treatment. It will help him build a good relationship with the dentist, who eventually can be his friend.

Tip 2: Make It Fun.

Make dental visits fun for your child. If it helps that he bring a favorite toy or perhaps coloring books and crayons, then you may do so. Keeping him distracted from the serious dental treatment will keep your child from being fidgety and anxious altogether. If ever he throws a tantrum, keeps calm. Remember always to be supportive and show a loving attitude towards your child.

Tip 3: Reward Them After.

An ice cream treat or perhaps an hour of playtime in the arcade will make the dental trip even more rewarding for your child. Most dentists recommend that rewards be given to children who have remained calm and brave in the dental chair. Some dentists give out dental kits to their patients as a reward for their good behavior during the dental session. Don’t forget to praise your child for his bravery and let him know how proud you are of him.