Tooth decay or dental plaque is a part of life. Everyone gets it. It is the sticky film that covers the teeth and slowly destroys it. Dental plaque is formed when the bacteria in the mouth builds up on the teeth due to food particles left between the teeth or when someone forgot to brush their teeth before going to bed.  No matter how much you brush your teeth or how often you floss, dental cavities will grow on your teeth and try to damage it.

However, some habits damage the teeth. Though you put much effort in brushing, flossing or seeing your dentist twice a year, these practices put your teeth, gums and even your tongue at risk for diseases. Which of these habits are you guilty of?

Eating Even After Brushing.

Some people who find it hard to sleep at night often find themselves tempted to eat midnight snacks. And because these meals usually involve cookies and other sweet treats, the damage is put directly on the teeth. Since such eating practice is done after dinner and before going to bed, skipping brushing altogether has become part of the training too. The sugar that is left on the teeth feeds the bacteria in the mouth, and the disaster begins.

Brushing Soon After Eating.

Brushing is good for the teeth only when it is done right. However, when you brush your teeth too soon after eating, you are only causing more damage than good. Instead of brushing away the sugar in the mouth, you are only brushing it more against the teeth, damaging the tooth enamel in the process.

Skipping The Dental Floss.

Some may think that flossing isn’t a necessity like brushing, but in truth, it is one of the essentials of good oral health habits. Flossing helps you keep the teeth clean. They remove the food particles stuck between the teeth that cause the build-up of plaque and tartar. Skipping the flossing may be putting your teeth at significant risk for damage.

Dental health practices are important to keep the teeth clean and healthy. However, some habits that people may be used to might be causing damage to the teeth without knowledge. Make sure always to choose to do what is healthy and to see your dentist when you should.