Every parent only wants the best for their kid. However, many experience a tough time determining whether it is time to bring their kid to the dentist or not yet. They know that they want to prevent cavities, but they’re not sure whether their kids are too young or are old enough to get them. Since parents don’t always know what’s best, the right thing to do is to visit their dentist immediately. The dentist will attend to their child’s needs.

Parents who find a dentist in Manly who deal with kids very well are indeed lucky. And if the dentist is open on weekends, that would be a total plus too. Working parents can genuinely benefit from such practitioners, especially those whose job requires them to be at work all day during the week. Apart from seeing the dentist regularly, what else can parents do to help their child learn proper oral health care? Here are some tips:

· Tip 1: Clean your child’s gums with a clean damp cloth or perhaps a sterilized gauze. Even before they grow their first tooth, it is essential to keep their gums healthy. When the gums are in perfectly healthy condition, your child will grow healthy teeth too. Harmful bacteria can grow in their mouth, and it is best to have these removed before it causes severe gum problem.

· Tip 2: Once the first tooth erupts, make sure to brush it with infant’s toothbrush. You may use a tiny bit of fluoride toothpaste (perhaps the size of a grain of rice). If you’re not sure which toothpaste brand to use, it is best to ask your dentist for recommendations.

· Tip 3: When your child’s teeth grow and touch each other, it is safe to use dental floss to remove the food particle stuck between the teeth. Be very careful in using the floss to clean your child’s teeth as it could slip and cause damages to the gums.

· Tip 4: Make sure to keep up with regular dental schedules. If you can find a weekend dentist, then that would be so much better. It will be easy for you to schedule regular check-ups outside of your daily work schedule.

· Tip 5: Remember that they are never too young to learn to take care of their dental health. Introduce dental cleaning practices and see them grow into responsible individuals who know exactly how to take care of their oral health.