Most parents worry about when their kids should start brushing their teeth. Dentists recommend that brushing the teeth and cleaning the gums should be done even before the first tooth erupts. Toddler years involve a lot of exploration. Kids are likely to put anything and everything in their mouths. They will bite on some things too. All of these activities could compromise the overall health of the teeth and the gums.

But when can one consider orthodontic treatment? Is your kid too young to seek cosmetic dental procedures? Sydney Road Dental Care professionals recommend that the ideal age for orthodontic treatment is between 8 to 10 years old. Between these ages is when children have a mixture of both baby and permanent teeth. From there, the orthodontic dentist will be able to evaluate whether a budding teeth alignment problem is present.

Typically, this is the age when the molars have come in, giving the dentist the opportunity to check for malocclusion. Popularly known as a bad bite, this is typically the reason why dentists recommend children to have braces. Incisors have also come in so that teeth crowding can be a problem too. With the help of your dentists from Sydney Road Dental Care, your child can deal with the problem now before it develops another problem that could inhibit the proper growth of their teeth.

Although the treatment may not begin immediately, it is best to be aware of what your child will have to go through in the future. The initial evaluation will help parents and their kids prepare for it emotionally, physically and financially. Determining potential problems with the jaw and teeth could make treatments more comfortable and less stressful too. For some children, early detection could keep them from suffering from physical and emotional trauma.

Apart from the slight discomfort that children may feel with potential cosmetic treatments in place, it is the harmful teasing as well as the misaligned teeth that could damage their self-confidence. For some, their teeth condition can be the reason why they couldn’t engage in sports activities as they wish. Did you know that misaligned teeth could cause injuries while playing sports? Such conditions can be detrimental to one’s overall dental health, and that makes the difference.

Is your child too young for any cosmetic dental treatment? It is best to seek the advice of your trusted dentist from Sydney Road Dental Care. After all, it will be their professional opinion that will help you see things through.