When you think of teeth whitening, one of the best options in the market today is laser whitening. Although it is relatively new, it has become popular since it was introduced in the market because of its remarkable results. You can see visible results after only one treatment and its effects last longer too. How do you know it’s the chicest teeth whitening procedure in the market? — Because people will pay over the roof for it.

How much does it cost to get teeth laser whitening? Treatments usually start at $400, and it goes up depending on the professional assessment the dentist provides. Apart from the actual cost of the initial treatment, it is also important to consider the two other factors that come into play when it comes to teeth whitening – the time and the maintenance.

What Does Laser Whitening Cost Through Time?

There is no doubt that the laser whitening treatment is the fastest regarding the process. A typical session may last only for a good 15 minutes to an hour. That’s fast indeed! What is interesting about the procedure is that it uses the same kind of carbamide peroxide for the treatment like that of the typical custom-fitted trays attached to your teeth. The laser does not do the whitening process per se. Instead, it heats up the paste to quicken the oxidation process that whitens the teeth. So instead of the usual waiting time of hours, you can quickly get it at the dentist’s chair for about twenty minutes, and that’s it.

Although it is technically the fastest teeth whitening procedure today, it still requires maintenance time. You will even have to regularly see the dentist make sure that your teeth and gums are in excellent condition. Regular dental check-ups are not only reserved for teeth cleaning or teeth whitening, but it is also the best time for the dentist to look into your overall oral health. They make their treatment recommendations only after they have looked into your condition.

When Will You Need Laser Whitening Treatment Again?

It all depends on your diet, hygiene, and lifestyle. If you drink more than a cup of coffee every day, smoke or eat unhealthy foods, you can only expect teeth discoloration. This will then be a sign that you need to go back and see your dentist. At Sydney Road Dental Care, we make sure that you understand the benefits and risks that come with every treatment option. Knowing more will help you manage your expectations and trust that the process is effective only when you do your part of adequately taking care of your teeth.