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Children’s Dentistry

When to start?

Children’s dentistry is crucial, especially in the early stages of life. It is recommended by the Australian Dental Association that a child’s first dental visit should occur within 6 months of the presence of the first tooth, or by the time a child turns one. It is important to establish a positive relationship from an early age, and early oral examinations help in the detection of the early stages of tooth decay. Early detection is key to maintaining a healthy mouth.

It is important that your child has regular visits to the dentist, as this helps us monitor their growth and development and detect any problems early.

Why Sydney Road Dental Care?

Our focus is on providing preventative dental care to children and also help establish lifelong good oral hygiene habits. Our friendly staff are highly skilled and we also have an Oral Health Therapist on board who is specially trained in providing treatment to your children. Our practice is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that children have a positive and memorable experience.

Dental phobias usually happen due to traumatic experiences that children experience at a young age. Here at Sydney Road Dental Care, we pride ourselves in making every visit fun.

Make your dream smile a reality!

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