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why you need to have a Digital X-ray over normal Dental X-ray

At Sydney Road Dental Care, we have a brand new digital dental x-ray OPG machine which takes a panoramic x-ray of your teeth and jaws to show the presence and position of your teeth.

We recommend taking dental x-rays every 4-5 years for all patients as standard practice.

Did you know OPG stands for Orthopantomogram

Some of the benefits of a digital dental x-ray:

(compared to normal dental x-rays)

  • Less radiation than standard x-rays
  • done on site
  • immediate results
  • full mouth in one exposure
  • better diagnostic results
  • less chemical waste
  • digitally stored with your patient record for easy retrieval
  • diagnostic screening tool for wisdom teeth, cysts, tumors, sinus, jaw development
  • diagnostic tool in kids to ensure adult teeth are present

Additional information on the technology can be found on the manufacturer's website.

Digital X-ray with wisdom teeth marked

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