How do you feel about visiting the dentist? Does the thought of it send shivers down your spine? If you are afraid of your dentist, do not fret. You are not the only one in the world who feels that way. In fact, there are more than a million Canadians who avoid going to their regular dental check-up. Their unexplainable fear of the dentist has put their overall oral health at significant risks.

But these people are worried about so many things. They worry about them being strong enough to handle pain. Some of them have had their share of bad experiences with their former dentist. If the mere sight of the dentist’s clinic raises your anxiety in so many levels, it is essential to seek professional help. Or perhaps a change of dentist would be a good option too.

The best way to overcome that fear of the dentist is to learn more about what help they can provide. It is best to ask your dentist about the treatments before you even undergo them. When you know more, you can understand how it can be helpful to you and your overall health. Dentists at Sydney Road Dental Care aim at providing patients with the clearest of explanations when it comes to dental treatments. They offer a wide variety of options and carefully explain each one. Be honest and open with your dentist and that good relationship can take all the fears away.

Most dentists are aware of the anxiety their patients feel. They try their best to make their working environment as pleasant and as soothing as possible. The comfort all begins in the waiting room. At Sydney Road Dental Care, we make sure that our staff are attentive and will welcome you with a smile on their faces. We understand how first impressions last, and we want to make sure that you have a great first impression of the dental services that we provide. There are the television, music and even aromatherapy to help the patients feel more at ease while waiting for their turn.

If you are worried about how painful the treatment can be, remember that there is anesthetic technology to turn to. Talk to us about the fears you may have and let us help you by providing you options to help you advance prescription or perhaps consider even the use of sedation to help you relax. How do you overcome your fear of the dentist? Choose the dentist in Manly who offers you solutions, but still talks to you about your worries. Feel less frightened with the right dentist and see the difference of having healthy, white teeth.