For years, you have been taught that you should have your teeth cleaned by a professional at least once every six months. However, several hygienists would recommend other patients to have their teeth cleaned by professional once every two months at the least. Sometimes, this could confuse. More often than not, those who are told to have their teeth cleaned rarely follow the advice until they end up suffering from bad breath. How often should we go to the dentist to have a professional cleaning done?

This is an excellent question to ask your dentist. At Sydney Road Dental Care, we recommend our patients to have their teeth cleaned at the clinic as often as the dentist or hygienist recommends. The variation in the recommendation of both professionals may be significant, but the dentist’s opinion will always be based on the careful assessment of your teeth and gums. The condition of these two factors helps make the recommendation the best one possible.

If you have a healthy set of teeth and gums, then you wouldn’t have to go back to your dentist every two months, although cases as such are very rare. Since gum disease does not come with early signs or symptoms of pain, people who suffer from it don’t even know that they already have it. So even if your teeth don’t need cleaning, it is still best to have it cleaned by the dentist once every six months. However, the frequency of the cleaning will always depend on what the dentist will suggest.

Dental cleaning isn’t just about undergoing professional cleaning. It is also the best time for the dentist to examine the overall condition of your teeth and gums. They make their recommendation for possible treatment options after they have carefully evaluated your condition. It is during these times each year that the dentist is given a chance to look for early signs or symptoms of a potential oral health care problem and stop it however necessary.

Is it possible to have the teeth cleaned by the dentist every month? Although the cases for such are also rare, there are times when the dentist will recommend that this is done. It is for people whose cases of gum disease and teeth problem have gotten worse over time. Some patients think that going to the dentist every month for cleaning would be enough, that they no longer take care of the teeth at home.

Brushing and flossing at home still play a huge role in ensuring that the teeth are clean and healthy. Skipping it because it’s cleaned by the dentist every month won’t be helpful at all. It is always best to couple it with proper dental hygiene practices at home. After all, your dentist is your partner in ensuring that your teeth, gums and overall dental care are in perfect condition every time.