Everyone wants to have whiter teeth. Most people think that whiter teeth mean you have a healthier set of teeth. A dentist in Manly will agree that whiter teeth can mean more robust oral health, but it isn’t all that matters. There are so many other factors that come into play when oral health care is concerned. Although having whiter teeth meant that you are on your way to having great oral health care that could last a lifetime.

The more critical concern is how you can maintain it. How do you make sure your teeth are not stained again or do not turn yellowish? Here are some tips you can follow:

· Avoid Stain-causing Beverages in your Diet

Do you have to get your coffee fix before you start your day? How about drinking tea before going to bed at night? All these beverages, no matter how good they make you feel contribute a lot to the staining of your teeth. If you just had teeth whitening treatment from your dentist, it is best to avoid these beverages. If you can’t, it is best to cut-down on their intake. If you used to drink 4 to 5 cups of coffee in a day, gradually cut the consumption to about three then two. Before you know it, you have kicked it out of your system and on towards healthy white smile.

· Use A Straw Instead

It may seem quite weird to use a straw for your coffee or your hot tea, but it is one of the best ways you can still keep your fix without staining your teeth. Using the straw can keep its teeth staining dyes off your teeth and directly into the stomach. The straw helps save you from unwanted teeth discoloration.

· Quit Smoking

Smoking does not only kill the lungs slowly, but it also stains the teeth. Most smokers suffer from tooth and gum problems because of smoking. This bad habit leaves you wanting more. It can be addictive, that’s why it is best to quit it before it gets too hard to stop. When you quit smoking, you are doing yourself more than just a favor. You are giving yourself the gift of life. The promise of getting whiter teeth and bright smile that will make everyone happy.

Some seek the teeth whitening services while others settle for whitening toothpaste recommended by their dentist. However, your wish to achieve whiter teeth is not what matters, because it is relatively easy to achieve.