When your child accidentally lost his baby tooth, there’s no need to fret. No need to find a way to replace it as well. But when your child loses one of his permanent teeth due to an accident while playing rough, you can consider it a dental emergency. A permanent tooth has the best chance of survival despite being dislodged as long as it is replaced within 15 minutes. That’s why it is crucial for every parent to know to act immediately and to know exactly what to do.

When a dental accident happens to parents or most especially to their kids, parents wish they could find a dentist in Manly that’s open to providing emergency dental care. A weekend dentist is also one of the things parents want to have, especially for those whose working hours in the middle of the week makes it impossible for them to take their kids for a dental check-up.

Many other dental emergencies may be considered less urgent, but still needs to be looked at by the dentist. Most dental injuries among school children occur from playing rough that lead to falls. On the other hand, dental emergencies among teens are often a result of sports activities.

What Do Parents Need To Do During Dental Emergencies?

· If a baby or a toddler injure their teeth or their gums, here’s what you should do:

o   Apply pressure on the area, especially when it is bleeding with a piece of cloth with ice. If the child is old enough to follow directions, take a cold gauze and let him bite on it. It will help put pressure on the area to stop the bleeding.

o   Offer an ice pop they could bite on to help reduce the bleeding. An ice pack wrapped in cloth pressed against the cheek may help too.

o   If the child is in pain, it is best to take him to the dentist. The doctor may recommend pain relievers to help alleviate the pain.

o   Watch out for possible swelling of the gums, pain, fever or even tooth discoloration.

o   If possible, call a dentist in Manly right away.

· If a permanent tooth is broken or chipped off,

o   Bring all the pieces of the tooth together.

o   Rinse the mouth with warm water and a bit of salt.

o   Schedule a visit to the dentist right away. If you have your dentist’s number, it is best to set an appointment with them as soon as possible.

Seeking immediate care for your child’s teeth during emergency situations can be quite tough. So when picking the dentist in Manly that you can trust, make sure to find someone who can provide emergency care whenever possible. If you can see them even during weekends or Sundays also, it is best to go to that dentist. Nothing is more important than providing immediate care for your child in pain.