Worried about your teeth turning yellowish or gray? A lot of things can cause tooth discoloration, but one of the primary reasons why teeth change color is because of the drinks and food that you put in your mouth. However, teeth discoloration is not just about aesthetics. It is also about properly taking care of your health in general.

Everyone knows that drinking tea is good for the health. More than coffee, tea helps the body digest the foods you ate. However, tea, like any other carbonated drink contains chemicals that cause the change in teeth color. In fact, certain fruits and vegetables produce teeth discoloration too. At Sydney Road Dental Care, we make sure our patients know the foods and drinks they should avoid. More than that, we make sure they understand what can be done to address tooth discoloration.

Smoking or chewing tobacco is bad for your dental health too. Teeth discoloration is one of the side effects of smoking. Apart from destroying your lungs and making it vulnerable to infection, tooth discoloration is one of its more visible side effects. If you want to put an end to your problem on tooth discoloration, the best thing to do is to quit smoking. It may be easier said than done, but it is something that’s definitely worth the try.

Did you know that teeth discoloration could be a sign of a more serious health condition? One of the manifestations of oral cancer is yellowish, sometimes graying color of the teeth. In fact, some treatments and medications can also cause teeth discoloration as its side effect. Also, certain infections in the body could be manifested in the change in the color of the teeth.

Should teethe discoloration be a cause for alarm? The foods and drinks that we put inside the mouth dramatically affect the color of our teeth. In fact, even if you brush and floss regularly, they may not be enough to keep your pearly whites white. Dentists of Sydney Road Dental Care can help you deal with the problem of tooth discoloration. Understanding the cause of the stains in your tooth will help lead you to the solution to getting your pearly whites back.