Ever thought about how those tempting Easter eggs are having an effect on your teeth?Here are our tips on how to make sure that you avoid any dental issues and enjoy your Easter treats along the way.

  1. Avoid biting down on hard chocolate. At least let it melt in your mouth and soften before eating. Some chocolate can be deceptively hard especially with hidden hard or sticky candy and it can be easy to break or chip a tooth. So best not to bite down hard on these chocolate eggs.
  2. Avoid snacking on chocolate throughout the day. Eat chocolate around meal times. By doing this it allows for the saliva to wash away some of the chocolate from your teeth reducing the chance of cavities.
  3. Make sure you brush and floss before you go to bed. Be thorough removing the chocolate that has been on your teeth otherwise they will cause damage throughout the night.
  4. Be careful not to form an Easter habit!  Easter Eggs are for this special time of the year. As much as we all love chocolate constant consumption will increase the chances of cavities.
  5. Make sure you keep up with your routine check ups and cleans every 6 months. As dentists it is our job to make sure your teeth are healthy so that you can continue to enjoy the food you love!

Sydney Road Dental Care wishes you and your family a well and safe Easter! Our team will be here from Tuesday 14th April to treat any patients in pain or discomfort. Rest assured our infection control is of the highest standard. Take care!