Sydney Road Dental Care’s Guide to Bridges and Crowns

Bridges and Crowns are fixed prosthetic devices that are cemented onto existing teeth and/or implants. We want to make the process easier for you, by providing you with all the information and becoming your go to guide for all things implants.

The Difference Between A Bridge And A Crown

Bridge: This uses existing teeth to fill a vacant spot and anchor the new tooth into the gap.
Crown: This is a cap used to restore a tooth to its original appearance.

Why They’re Used

Many people struggle with cosmetic issues when it comes to their teeth. Bridges and Crowns are an ideal solution for issues such as;
-Covering discoloured or worn teeth.
-Replacing a filling.
-Preventing a tooth from cracking.
-To anchor a bridge.
-After a root canal.


Bridges and Crowns come in three different materials; ceramic, resin, and gold. Broken down further you will find there are four different types of bridges.
-Traditional Bridges: The most popular kind which consists of one or more fake teeth and is held in place by crowns.
-Cantilever Bridges: Similar to the traditional however the bridge is only supported by a crown on one side.
-Maryland Bridges: This is considered the conservative alternative to the traditional. The only difference is that the bridge is held in place by a porcelain or metal frame.
-Implant Supported Bridges: These are used when you have more than one missing tooth. However, the difference is instead of being supported by crowns or bridges they’re supported by implants.

The Procedure

There are four parts to having a new life with Bridges and Crowns.
First – The tooth or teeth that need to be replaced will be shaved down and reduced in size.
Second – Your dentist will create a mould by, taking impressions and deciding on both a shade and a material for your new tooth.
Third – The mould is sent off to be prepared. Meanwhile, a temporary mould is placed on the shaved down tooth for protection.
Fourth – Last but not least; once the mould is ready your dentist will take off the temporary mould and replace it with the new one. Once the new mould is on it is cemented down.

Here at Sydney Road Dental Care we want to provide our patients with the best smiles possible which is why we offer this procedure. Bridges and Crowns are a service that benefits both the cosmetic side as well as the healthiness of your teeth. If you’re interested don’t hesitate to contact us today.