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5 reasons why teeth straightening is essential for health (Cosmetic Dentistry)

5 Feb 2021

Why is everyone straightening their teeth? What is Invisalign? Is teeth straightening necessary?

Straight, white teeth will probably be what this decade will be remembered for. We have seen smile makeovers all over our social media, and it is now trickling into our family and friendship circles too. Will there be anyone left with “crooked” teeth?


Nonetheless, regardless of what we perceive as beautiful (tooth wise), straightening teeth has more advantages than cosmetics. What some of you may not know is that aligned teeth also have the following health benefits:

  1. Straighter teeth are easier to clean – seems simple doesn’t it! The better your teeth line up with each other, the less food gets trapped in between them. The less food gets trapped, the less there is chance of decay. Crooked and inappropriately spaced teeth are notorious for trapping that lolly that gets you to the dentist for a filling in no time. On another note, easier to clean teeth can help you avoid the notorious “bad breath”!


2. Efficient chewing – you can literally eat better with straight teeth. Our jaws and teeth are meant to align with each other in a highly specialized way. If this is not achieved, you will not be able to eat a wide variety of foods and food groups. You may not even know what you are missing out on. Straightened teeth can directly help you with full body health by ensuring you are able to chew all the right nutrients!


3. Improvement of speech problems – it’s all about the tongue. Often little lisps, whistles or other unwanted sounds are the result of air escaping between the teeth during speech. Straightening the teeth means the tongue rests on the teeth in a better position, leading to clearer speech.


4. Straight teeth can actually last longer! Crooked teeth often do not align with the opposing arch well. Instead of the teeth on each arch working together they can “gnash” causing excessive wearing. This wearing occurs throughout life and can reduce the lifespan of your teeth.


5. Boosting self-esteem – yes, I will slide a cosmetic note here! If you have had straight teeth your whole life, you are unlikely to realize what a gift you have. Subconsciously, we use teeth to judge a person’s status, whether it be socioeconomic or health.

Hence, there may be times your dentist may recommend or suggest straightening your teeth for reasons that are not cosmetic only. These days there are so many options the most popular being braces or Invisalign. We look forward to assisting you with options at your next visit. Remember overall health, and straightening teeth hits two birds with one stone – good looks and good health!


Further questions or concerns?

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