Emergency Dentist in Northern Beaches

Our team of highly experienced dentists at Sydney Road Dental Care is there for you in the case of a dental emergency. We understand that things happen beyond your control, and we would like to provide you with the best service to alleviate your pain and stress. Our front office staff ensure we have daily appointments available only for emergencies, so we can often see you on the same day. We also pride ourselves on never missing a phone call, voicemail, email or any communication through our social media. Should you experience pain, discomfort or any type of dental trauma, do not delay to call us so we can arrange to see you as soon as possible.

What Are Common Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies can be quite variable in their appearance, how much pain they cause, and the long-term effects they can have on your health. As pain is not often a direct indicator of how severe a dental emergency is, we encourage patients to book an appointment with us as soon as they are aware of a change in their oral health. From then we are able to triage you, and recommend treatment either on the same day if very urgent, or put together a treatment plan for you should the problem be more complex.

The most severe dental emergencies where you must call the dentist and are most often seen on the same day are:

  • Facial swelling – especially if visible from the outside of your mouth. Infection can spread very quickly around the mouth, neck and head leading to severe health problems.
  • Trauma – any accidents involving the face and jaw must be seen immediately, especially any damage to teeth. Leaving this for too long can lead to irreversible damage to the tooth nerve.
  • Intense pain – whilst pain is not always an indicator of the severity of a dental problem, intense pain is never a good sign.

Should you have the choice between seeing your dentist and your doctor, we advise you call us up regardless of where you are headed. We are able to speak directly to any other medical professionals, and are often a great help in reaching a diagnosis. Nonetheless, we always encourage seeking further medical assistance if it is after hours, you are concerned, or you have had an accident involving areas more than the mouth.

What Can You Expect from Your Emergency Appointment?

Our emergency appointments are primarily a triage service. We need to find out what is wrong and how we can fix it. We will do a thorough exam, take all necessary clinical photographs and x-rays and advise you on how to proceed. Should we be able to provide treatment on the day for less complex cases we will, otherwise we will offer you a follow-up appointment. At a minimum, we endeavour to get you out of pain and give you some peace of mind.

Why Should You Choose Sydney Road Dental Care for Your Emergency Treatment?

In a dental emergency, it is important to seek assistance from a highly trained professional with experience in dental emergencies. We are proud to say that our dentists have been exposed to most, if not all, commonly occurring dental trauma scenarios. In fact, one of our dentists spent three years of her career providing mostly emergency dental services to rural Australia! We invite you to feel safe, understood and cared for during an understandably stressful event.