Our Technology

Digital 3D dental scans

See what your new smile will look like before treatment begins!

  • Colour, interactive 3D dental scans of your teeth in minutes – rotate, zoom in, and zoom out!
  • An easy-to-understand, visual picture of your diagnosis, treatment plan, treatment progress, and outcome
  • Highly detailed and accurate scan data – used to customise your treatment for the perfect result
  • Comfortable and quick to perform – small handheld intraoral wand

Our Technology

Airflow dental cleans

Once you’ve tried an Airflow dental clean, you’ll never want anything else!

  • The most comfortable and enjoyable way to clean your teeth – it’s the dental spa for your mouth!
  • Painlessly and effortlessly removes stains and plaque, without touching your teeth
  • Ideal if you have sensitive teeth or find dental tools and traditional ultrasonic cleaning uncomfortable
  • Uses only a gentle spray of warm water, air, and fine powder
  • The very latest in preventative dental care – we’re the only dentist in Manly with Airflow technology
  • Performed by our hygienists

Learn more and book in for your Airflow experience here

Our Technology

Instant in-office teeth whitening: Zoom and Smartbleach

Get the white, dazzling smile you have always dreamed of in under an hour! We use the very latest in professional teeth whitening technology: Zoom teeth whitening and Smartbleach.

  • Maximum whitening power – whitens by several shades in one visit
  • Advanced whitening gel removes stains with no damage
  • Little to no sensitivity
  • Long-lasting natural results

See some of our teeth whitening results here!

Our Technology

Laser gum contouring & gum reduction surgery

Transform a gummy smile with laser gum contouring surgery. This simple procedure reshapes and reduces your gums to create a more even, beautiful, and natural smile.

  • Safely removes excess gum tissue to improve your smile
  • Advanced laser technology for faster healing
  • Comfortable procedure
  • Can be combined with other cosmetic treatments for a full smile makeover

Our Techology

In-clinic same-day crowns & teeth restorations

You don’t need to wait weeks for your crown to be custom-made and colour-matched – we do it there and then!

  • Scan, design, mill, stain, glaze and fit your crown, all in a single visit
  • State of the art Cerec in-clinic equipment – a 3D scanner and crown-milling machine in one
  • Quick and cost-effective way to restore your teeth
  • A result that’s as natural and long-lasting as traditional lab-made

Learn more about our one-day Cerec crowns and see how it works here.

Our Technology

3D-printed dental implant planning

Dental implants have never been so accurate and comfortable to fit. We use a state-of-the-art 3D printed surgical guide, made to fit your mouth.

  • Perfectly placed dental implants to replace missing teeth
  • Custom surgical guide for a safe and effective procedure
  • Minimally invasive with less discomfort
  • Faster healing time

Intraoral cameras

Now you can see exactly what we see, with our intraoral cameras. Take a look inside your mouth on the screen and understand your diagnosis and treatment.

  • Small handheld cameras – not much bigger than a toothbrush!
  • Comfortable to use
  • Quickly and easily moves around your mouth, teeth, and gums
  • A close-up look at problem areas and treatment results
  • Image-based records for treatment tracking

Dental Cone Beam CT Scans

Our dental Cone Beam CT scanner (known as a CBCT) creates detailed 3D images of your teeth, jaw, and mouth.

  • Incredibly detailed compared to traditional dental X-rays
  • Quickly and easily identify tooth and jaw problems
  • Accurate diagnosis and treatment
  • Comfortable and quick to perform

Panoramic OPG Dental X-rays

An OPG dental X-ray creates a flat, panoramic image of your whole mouth, teeth, and jaw.

  • All teeth are shown in position
  • See at a glance exactly how and where they are growing
  • Identify new or wisdom teeth that are not visible yet
  • A great snapshot of your overall teeth and bone health
  • Helps plan the most effective treatments including extractions and straightening

Sleep/sedation dentistry

Drift off and wake up with new teeth! Sleep or ‘sedation’ dentistry means that you are asleep throughout your dental procedure.

  • The perfect dental solution if you find the dental visit too daunting
  • Allows us to perform multiple reconstructive and cosmetic procedures at once – we can complete your treatments in the quickest and most comfortable way possible
  • Safe and relaxing – experienced anaesthetist team

Invisalign SmileView simulator

Ever wondered what you would look like with straighter teeth? Now you can find out with Invisalign SmileView simulator!

  • Fun interactive selfie tool
  • An incredibly detailed preview and indication of your new smile
  • See possible Invisalign results before you commit to treatment
  • We’re an Invisalign Platinum Provider – we specialise in straightening teeth using the Invisalign system

Try it out on our Invisalign page here!

Highest quality and safe dental materials

The best results only come from using the best materials and laboratory teams.

  • We use only the highest-grade dental materials that meet all safety requirements
  • Sourced from Australia, Germany, and Japan – internationally respected and leading industry suppliers
  • Partner only with Australian laboratories that meet our exceptional standards – personal and trusted relationships


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