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What you need to know about White Fillings and Composite Resin

White dental fillings are generally made from composite resin. Because of their colour, they blend in more naturally with the rest of your teeth. These days, almost all fillings are made from composite resin because they look better than their silver counterparts and they are less invasive.

Do I need grafting for a dental implant

For dental implants to be successful there must be enough bone to hold and support the implant. There are many reasons why you may not have enough bone in your jaw. These include gum disease, infection, trauma and wearing dentures. Bone grafting can come from your own body, a bone donor, an animal or it can be synthetic.

Top 10 Benefits of Modern Dentistry

The dentistry field has made drastic improvements over the last decade, and we are proud to offer the latest technology and care techniques to ensure you have the healthiest, most attractive smile of your life. Read on to learn the top ten benefits of modern dentistry.

Why People are Choosing Invisalign Over Braces

When you want to improve the alignment of your teeth, your mind probably goes to traditional metal braces. As common as these braces are, they do have disadvantages. Most notably, the braces are highly noticeable so they make many patients feel self-conscious. This is especially true for adults because braces are more commonplace for teens and pre-teens.