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In office whitening and the dentist - 3LT and Zoom Whitening

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. It’s a great opener for communications, can make people feel welcome and at ease, and can help you make a great first impression. So, why wouldn’t you want it to look as bright and confident as possible?

Over time your teeth can become stained by drinking coffee and wine, eating certain foods, and smoking. But these days you don’t have to put up with discolored teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has the perfect solution: In office whitening! Zoom whitening is a professional, teeth bleaching system that can give you a stunning “Hollywood” smile. We also have 3LT whitening which is another system for those with sensitive teeth.

4 simple dental tips whilst in Covid lockdown

Being in lockdown is an extremely difficult time for many Australians. We can’t see friends, go places, incomes may be affected and we’ve lost our freedom.
Further to this people are getting sick and who knows when it will end?
What’s important is that we still have the ability to look after our health as best we can. So the following are our simple tips for a healthy mouth during lockdown.

The Most Comfortable Dental Clean in Sydney!

Everyone knows that a regular, professional dental clean is essential for long-term dental health. But not everyone likes the sensation of a dental clean. At Sydney Road Dental Care, we offer the no-touch Airflow dental clean. It’s a whole new way to deep clean your teeth that we promise you will enjoy – rather than endure! Now that’s a great reason to smile!