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Cosmetic dentistry changes lives! (Cosmetic dentistry)

29 Jan 2021

In recent years there have been many advances in dentistry that have helped people get back in touch with their dental health. It wasn’t long ago that people would expect tooth loss and feel they have to live with continual problems that can affect their confidence in how they feel about themselves in their everyday life. Now we have the capabilities that help people enjoy their smile and be able to eat with a much greater quality of life and improved self-confidence.

Some of the advances in cosmetic dentistry include a painless procedure that uses composite materials to build up the teeth without requiring any drilling. This comfortable process restores lost tooth structure which has been worn away or through trauma. It can provide a beautiful smile enhancement as well as protecting the remaining tooth structure from further wearing.

Miss Emma came to our practice wanting something special for her wedding. She came for a consultation with our experienced dentist and we were able to show her what the possibilities were with a mock-up, a temporary demonstration on her teeth. After deciding on the overall look and colour, in one day we were able restore Miss Emma’s teeth to a beautiful natural smile for her wedding and she was ecstatic.

Smile restored with composite build up. Completed in 1 day with no pain, no drilling of existing teeth

Mr C came to us with extremely worn teeth from grinding. Our result for Mr C was restoring the entire surface of the tooth in order to protect it from further wear. With significant loss of tooth structure, the nerve inside of each tooth can become painful. When this occurs the cost of treatment can become significant with the removal and treatment of a painful nerve. We can prevent this from happening by using composite material. Not only are the teeth restored prolonging the life of the teeth and avoiding unnecessary dental cost but significant changes in self confidence.

Teeth built up with composite. Conservative treatment in 1 day

Every day we have the privilege of transforming the lives of our patients like Miss Emma and Mr C.

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