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Handling a Dental Emergency (General dentistry)

16 Nov 2020

Dental emergencies do happen. Despite being careful with your teeth, mishaps and accidents can happen. Therefore, it is important to be aware of some of the ways in which dental emergencies can be managed. Here are some tips on handling dental emergencies.

Injured Tongue And Lip

Like other oral tissue, the tongue and lips are very sensitive. When they are injured, controlling blood loss can be a tough job. The first step is to relax and refrain from panic. Then, try the following:

  • rinse your mouth with lukewarm water
  • firmly hold a piece of cotton or gauze to the area that is injured to stem the bleeding
  • place an ice cube folded in a cloth on the affected area to alleviate pain and reduce swelling and bleeding
  • make a dental emergency appointment with your dentist


Extreme toothache can be very painful. To reduce pain until you can see your dentist, try:

  • gently rinsing your mouth with lukewarm, salty water
  • flossing in the gap between the teeth that are hurting to make sure nothing is stuck that might be causing pain
  • using pain relief medication such as aspirin or paracetamol
  • In the case of severe pain, see your dentist urgently.

Loose Crown Or Tooth Cap

If your crown or tooth cap becomes loose or falls out, immediately:

  • wrap the loose crown in a tissue or other protective covering so that it remains safe
  • make a dental emergency appointment, even if you are not experiencing any pain

Broken Tooth

In cases of a broken tooth, follow these steps:

  • immediately call your dentist
  • keep the broken pieces of the teeth as our dentist may need the pieces to mend the tooth
  • place an ice cube folded in a cloth on the affected area to alleviate pain and reduce swelling and bleeding
  • When you have experienced a dental emergency, it is important to ensure your teeth are checked by your dentist even if your pain subsides and your bleeding stops.

Further questions or concerns?

We are here to help so feel free to call and schedule an appointment with your dentist today and get back to owning a confident smile!