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How Long Do Composite Veneers Last?

19 Apr 2024

Composite veneers (sometimes known as teeth bonding) is a cosmetic dental treatment that is used to enhance your smile. It can be used as a quick and easy solution for several dental issues like repairing chipped or cracked teeth and is also helpful if you have large, unsightly gaps between your teeth. The composite resin is similar to the colour of the tooth, so it will continue to look natural once it is in place. The great thing about composite resin is that it is a quick and affordable process that typically happens in one visit, so you can leave the dental practice the same day with a new, bright smile on your face!

How long composite veneers last will depend on the patient and how well they look after them. Hard foods can cause chipping and damage to your veneers so are best eaten with caution (or not at all), and the resin doesn’t resist long-term stains as well as your own enamel does, so coffee and red wine will cause long-term discolouration over time, as will smoking. Unfortunately, you cannot whiten composite resin so while you can still whiten your natural teeth, you will be stuck with the stain on your composite veneer unless you choose to replace it and rematch the colour to your teeth.

Advantages Of Composite Veneers

Aside from the fact that the process of teeth bonding is straightforward, it is also one of the most affordable options to regain your natural smile. If your teeth have small chips or they are uneven in size then composite veneers are a great way to correct these minor issues, and they can be easily repaired and reshaped. The process is simple with no need for surgeries or other invasive procedures, and most people feel no discomfort at all.

At Sydney Road Dental Care we use a high-quality tooth-coloured resin that is great for discoloured teeth as we can apply it over the offending tooth and match it to your natural colour, giving the colour of your teeth an even appearance. We are highly skilled in applying composite veneers and are proud to use the latest technology and materials.

A Smile Is Priceless – Which Consider To Get?

Choosing the best option to bring the smile back to your face can often be one that is budget-driven, and weighing up all the options before you decide on the best treatment for you is definitely the way to go. We will take the time to assess your goals, your budget and the current condition of your teeth to help you decide the most suitable treatment.

Composite veneers can last for many years especially when they have been well looked after, but porcelain veneers could last a lot longer because of the durability of the material used. However, they are much more expensive, so you may prefer to pay less initially and replace your veneers more often.

Whatever you decide we are here to help. We can discuss treatment plans and patient-friendly payment options and put a smile back on your face quicker than you imagined!