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How Painful Are Dental Implants? Understanding The Process

18 Apr 2024

Are Dental Implants Painful?

Any procedure that is undergone, no matter how small, will carry with it feelings of pain. However, one individual’s perception of pain can be very different from another’s. If you are weighing up the pros and cons of various dental procedures, and wondering just how painful dental implants are, then bear in mind that multiple biological and psychosocial variables contribute to different perceptions of pain. One person may feel little or no pain with a trauma, while another may be in agony with that same condition.

Dental implants are small, screw-like pieces of strong metal, usually titanium or zirconia, that are embedded into your jawbone. It sounds painful, right? Your jaw and bone are full of nerves so you cannot expect to feel anything, but dental implants may not be as painful as you imagine.

Will The Process Be Painful?

At Sydney Road Dental Clinic we excel at providing exceptional care to all our patients, and we believe in creating a modern approach to oral hygiene and care. We invest a lot of money in training our staff and using the latest equipment and world-class technology, so our patients can have the best experience possible at our clinic.

With today’s medicines, nobody needs to experience pain, and a simple single dental implant can be placed in about 20 minutes through keyhole surgery. You will be given a local anaesthetic at the surgical site which will numb the nerves and ensure the procedure is pain-free. However, not everyone is comfortable with dental treatments so you may prefer to be asleep throughout the surgery. We can arrange for an anaesthetist to come in so you are asleep for the entire procedure and you won’t know anything about it. This is known as sleep dentistry.

Once your dental implants are in place and your anaesthetic or numbness wears off, you can expect to feel some soreness. As the bone and tissues heal around the implant some swelling and pain may occur, although most of the time patients have neither. The discomfort from the procedure may peak a few days after your treatment but should quickly subside leaving you with little or no pain one-week post-surgery.

The vast majority of our patients do not have any issues or discomfort after treatment but remember that everyone is different, and you may need some anti-inflammatories or painkillers to make you more comfortable.

No Pain No Gain

At Sydney Road Dental Care we treat everyone as an individual and will carefully create a customized timeline and step-by-step guide for your procedure. If you are a nervous patient, or sensitive to pain we will arrange treatment accordingly, and you will be well aware of what to expect throughout your visits to us.

While you can expect to feel a little discomfort with such a procedure, most people will agree that dental implants are not that painful, and the gains from having them far outweigh any immediate pain or swelling. Prepare yourself with everything you need to know about the procedure first by arranging an appointment with one of our highly trained team, and you’ll be smiling proudly in no time at all!