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In office whitening and the dentist – 3LT and Zoom Whitening

23 Aug 2021

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. It’s a great opener for communications, can make people feel welcome and at ease, and can help you make a great first impression. So, why wouldn’t you want it to look as bright and confident as possible?

Over time your teeth can become stained by drinking coffee and wine, eating certain foods, and smoking. But these days you don’t have to put up with discolored teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has the perfect solution: In office whitening! Zoom whitening is a professional, teeth bleaching system that can give you a stunning “Hollywood” smile. We also have 3LT whitening which is another system for those with sensitive teeth.

Why In-office Whitening is Better than Home Whitening Kits

Typically, home bleaching uses a 10-15% carbamide peroxide gel to whiten the teeth. In-chair bleaching uses a more concentrated solution containing 30-40% hydrogen peroxide (HP). Zoom and 3LT are whitening processes that are successfully used throughout the world to eliminate teeth discoloration.

What is Zoom Whitening?

The in-office procedure uses a Zoom lamp to speed up the bleaching process. It does so by activating the HP whitening gel. As the HP breaks down, the activated oxygen penetrates the tooth’s enamel and removes stains without affecting the structure of the teeth. It takes less than one hour to see the results.

As well as better stain removal Zoom treatment has several other advantages over home tray whitening kits. These include:

  • Zoom is faster and more efficient than home whitening trays.
  • The results of Zoom whitening last longer.
  • Having professional teeth bleaching means your gums and mouth tissue are protected from harm.
  • Our dentist can customise your treatment to suit your needs.
  • You will receive an expert approach and professional advice.

Having your teeth professionally whitened can boost your confidence and self-esteem, improve your appearance, and make you look healthier. It can be a truly life-changing experience.

What to Expect from Your Consultation

Once you have decided that Zoom is right for you, contact our office to arrange a consultation. We will talk to you about your oral health and your oral hygiene practices. We will also give your teeth and gums a thorough examination. We will also take note of any restorations that you may have, such as crowns and veneers, as these will not respond to whitening agents.

The Zoom Procedure

Although Zoom whitening takes less than an hour to complete, we recommend a regular tooth cleaning before the bleaching process. Once this has been performed, our dentist will apply a protective gel to protect your lips and gums. Then we will add the Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel. In combination with the Zoom light, this will remove any stains from your teeth. The gel will remain on your teeth for fifteen minutes, giving you time to relax and listen to music or watch TV. Our dentist will apply the gel for a total of three 15-minute sessions. Once they are complete, the gel will be rinsed, and a special fluoride paste is applied to your teeth to eliminate any sensitivity.

The 3LT Procedure

Smartbleach 3LT treatment is a unique, patented professional tooth whitening technology in which a specially formulated whitening gel is applied to the teeth and then a pure-green light is shone on the teeth to activate the gel. The green light causes the gel to remove stained molecules for the dentine of the teeth.

The results look natural and consistent and are long-lasting. Because of the gentle whitening effect, 3LT does not cause dehydration or etching of the teeth. Furthermore, because the green light does not heat the teeth’ pulp, there is a very low risk of teeth sensitivity after the treatment.

In-office Whitening Aftercare

You can help maintain the whitening effects by avoiding certain foods and beverages such as coffee, wine, berries, and tomato paste. This will reduce your risk of teeth staining. You should also consider stopping the use of tobacco products.

Maintaining a healthy oral hygiene routine and visiting your dentist every six months for a check-up and professional cleaning will also help keep your teeth looking bright and staying strong and healthy.

Professional Whitening FAQ

Is Zoom the best professional teeth whitening technique?

Zoom is currently the most popular in-chair professional whitening technique. This is mainly because it doesn’t take long to complete, and the results are long-lasting. Treatment time is usually under an hour, whereas home whitening trays can take several, days to achieve results.

Are there any side effects after professional teeth whitening?

After you have had a professional whitening procedure such as 3LT or Zoom, your teeth may feel a little sensitive for a day or two after, though this does not affect everyone. Any discomfort can be eased by using the desensitising gel given to you or by taking over the counter pain killers.

How long do the results from in-office whitening last?

Most patients find that professional whitening lasts anywhere between three and five years. This will depend on your oral health routine and your diet. Keeping coffee and red wine to a minimum can help your teeth remain whiter longer, as can giving up smoking.

Is the Zoom lamp safe?

Yes, the Zoom lamp is perfectly safe. While you are having your Zoom treatment, you will wear special protective glasses to shield your eyes from any glare from the lamp. Also, your lips, gums, and other soft tissue in your mouth will be protected from the lamp’s UV rays.

How does Zoom differ from other professional teeth whitening systems?

Zoom is preferred because the whitening system does not cause any harm to tooth enamel. It may also strengthen the tooth’s hardness. This is because of the amorphous calcium phosphate content in the whitening gel. Amorphous calcium phosphate is able to fill in minor surface flaws on the teeth, such as micro-cracks.

Am I a good candidate for in-chair teeth whitening?

You may be a suitable candidate for professional teeth whitening if you:

  • Are over 16
  • Have good oral health
  • Have some teeth discoloration
  • Have no open cavities or broken teeth
  • Teeth whitening will work at any age and does not weaken the tooth
  • For optimal results some patients may need more than 1 session

How many appointments do I need for professional whitening?

You will only need one visit to complete your in-office whitening. Usually, the full treatment can be performed in under an hour.

Does professional whitening hurt?

The in-chair whitening procedures can have minor sensitivities. These will feel like zinging sensation that comes and goes. Our dentist will protect all your oral tissues so that they will not feel any irritation, which means you won’t feel any discomfort at all. You may feel minimal sensitivity for a day or two after treatment, but it should resolve quickly.

If you are interested in make your smile sparkle with professional teeth whitening, or you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to call our office. Our team is always ready to help.