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Is there Cosmetic Dentistry in North Sydney? Here’s What You Need to Know

25 Feb 2021

First impressions matter, and your smile is your greatest asset. Sure, rolling up in a spanking new fancy car will certainly get you noticed, but you know what people won’t forget – how you made them feel with your smile.

That’s right. Having strong, healthy teeth is one thing. Their appearance and how it affects the quality of your smile is a whole different ball game. It might take away from everything else you have going for you. That’s where cosmetic dentistry comes in.

Is there Cosmetic Dentistry in North Sydney? What can I expect from a cosmetic dental procedure? Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Sydney – What it’s not

Going for routine teeth-cleaning, dental exam, or occasional whitening is standard. However, certain issues and disorders – some of which may be accidental, age-related, hereditary, or entirely preventable – may affect the appearance of your teeth. In such instances, you would need to see an expert dentist to fix the problem.

Contrary to what you might believe, cosmetic dentistry in North Sydney is widely available and more accessible than you think. Let’s begin by dispelling some of the myths you might have heard about cosmetic dental procedures.

1. It is prohibitively expensive

This is arguably the biggest myth of them all, which is perhaps why so many people shy away from getting cosmetic procedures done on their teeth. The price tag attached to a particular procedure depends on the kind of work you’re getting done. More often than not, you may not even need to pay for it out-of-pocket.

Besides, most of the work surrounding cosmetic surgery is considered restorative rather than elective. By insurance standards, this is categorised as a “necessary” procedure. It always helps to check with your insurance provider to see what portion of your dental expenses they’ll cover. They might even foot the entire bill.

2. It requires major surgery

When most people think of cosmetic dental work, they imagine being put under anesthesia, having a dental crown installed, or getting false teeth implanted. While all these certainly fall under the category of cosmetic dentistry, it does involve some minor procedures as well. Many of them are painless and don’t even require general/local anesthesia.

Dental bonding, for instance, which is a procedure for fixing broken or chipped teeth, is relatively quick and painless and can instantly change the quality of your smile.

An example of dental bonding otherwise known and composite veneers. These often require no drilling of your teeth, last for many years and polish to a very natural result

3. Many things could go wrong

We’ve all heard them – those horror stories of teeth whitening procedures that went wrong. It’s led to the false perception that cosmetic dentistry damages teeth. Let’s break down why that’s not the case.

The teeth whitening products used at a dentist’s office are much more sophisticated than those you get over the counter. Even then, the same product in the hands of a professional would have better results than in the hands of someone with no dental background whatsoever.

The point is – if you’re looking to get some form of cosmetic work done on your teeth, skip the home remedies and let a licensed professional do what they’ve spent years of their lives mastering.

4. It’s all about looks

This couldn’t be further from the truth. C>osmetic dentistry is a lot more than shallow vanity and fake veneers hidden behind bleach-white smiles. It goes beyond that. These types of dental procedures are meant to restore your confidence and have it shine through your smile.

Do you always hold your hand to your mouth every time you laugh? Are you self-conscious about your chipped tooth, discoloured teeth, or the huge gap between your central incisors? Cosmetic dentistry corrects all these issues for the world to see the beauty in your smile.

An example of composite build up of the teeth to protect them from further wear and break down

5. It results in fake-looking teeth

We all strive for perfection, particularly when it comes to all-matters in teeth-appearance. However, there’s no shortage of individuals – celebrities and otherwise – whose teeth are so white and so straight, it is borderline creepy.

This Adonis-like perfection has left many with a false perception of what cosmetic dentistry is all about. Whether you’re having veneers put in or getting an entirely new set of implants, modern technology has evolved to make the results look real and natural.

An example of minor cosmetic enhancement using composite veneers for a natural smile that blends in with the rest of the mouth

Cosmetic Dentistry in North Sydney – What It Is

What are the most popular cosmetic dental procedures in Sydney? Here’s an overview of what’s on offer if this is something you might be interested in.

1. Porcelain Crowns

This is arguably the most common of all cosmetic dental procedures. A porcelain crown is installed when a tooth is damaged beyond repair and cannot be fixed using other dental treatments like fillings. They are custom made to the patient’s specifications and look identical to real teeth.

2. Dental Bonding (Composite Veneers)

This is the least expensive of all the cosmetic procedures that exist. It involves applying a coloured resin over the teeth and exposing it to a special light beam which “bonds” the resin to the tooth surface. It repairs small cracks or chips and is even effective in reducing gaps between the teeth. These have become very popular with the advances in quality composite materials and appears truely beautiful when layered and polished by a skilled cosmetic dentist.

Addition with composite is a great way to restore any wear and chipping. This treatment is painless and requires no drilling

3. Dental Implants

You may have a tooth or two missing due to injury, damage resulting from cavities, or any other reason. In such instances, dental implants are considered the ideal replacement and dental treatment for missing teeth. If there’s significant damage, dentures might be an option to consider.

4. Dental Bridges

These are usually an alternative to dental implants. They are the go-to option when there’s not enough space to install an implant. It is also the best alternative when the surrounding teeth aren’t suitable for a dental cap or crown.

Ceramic crowns
Ceramic bridges were used to replace missing teeth and strengthen the surrounding teeth. Great care was taken to design how the teeth work together in a process known as reconstruction and smile design

5. Porcelain Veneers

These have become quite popular in North Sydney in recent years. They provide a great solution to fix extremely small, discoloured, or misshapen teeth. They are usually bonded or glued over the patient’s existing teeth.

Porcelain veneers are wafer thin yet very strong lasting many years

6. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is another various cosmetic dentistry procedures in North Sydney. It is a simple and non-invasive procedure that works well to brighten and whiten discoloured teeth. Although you may have come across DIY kits you can use at home, having a cosmetic dentist do it for you will likely achieve more dramatic results.

7. Invisalign

Invisalign is a cosmetic dental treatment that uses modern dental technology and manufacturing to create a series of removable completely clear aligners which will progressively straighten your teeth everyday you wear them.  Invisalign, while being a newer system of treatment, is a tried and tested method with over 8 million success stories across the globe all of who are loving their new straighter smiles.

iTero is perfect for getting started with Invisalign. Accurate molds are taken and sent directly to Invisalign for planning and creating of clear aligners

Upgrade your smile from the inside-out

If you’re thinking about getting cosmetic dental work done on your teeth to restore your confidence and brighten up your smile, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

In the meantime, check out our blog to learn more about the clear aligner system Invisalign.