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The Benefits of Invisalign for a Smile You’ll Love

16 Feb 2021

Our smile is one of the most important aspects of our self-esteem. After all, we smile when we’re feeling happy and carefree, so no one wants to have those joyous moments soured because they’re afraid to show their teeth.

If you want to regain confidence in your smile, Invisalign braces through Sydney Road Dental Care could be a perfect fit. Consider these top advantages as you explore your options.

A Smooth Process

Too many people never get started with their Invisalign because they’re intimidated by the first steps of the process. In reality, they’re intimidated by what they think the first steps of the process entail.

Our team uses state of the art technology to take 3D scans of your teeth, so there’s no need for mouldings. With those scans, we can prepare a customised treatment plan and consult with you about the costs and how long your treatment will take. We can even show you a “preview” of your potential results using our SmileView simulation tool.

From there, we simply order your customised aligners and you’ll be on your way to a beautiful smile.

Fast Results

It’s important to recognise that with Invisalign, as with any other type of braces, your results will depend largely on the care you receive. Our knowledgeable team has extensive experience as an Invisalign Platinum Provider as well as cutting-edge technology. All of this adds up to faster, more efficient treatment for you. Keep in mind that each person’s timeline will vary, but we can discuss your expected treatment process and timeframe in your consultation.

Aligner Comfort

The goal of Invisalign is to move your teeth step by step, so as expected, there will be some discomfort from this pressure. However, our scanning technology allows us to capture a highly precise model of your teeth so your aligners can have an ideal fit, keeping your aligners as comfortable as possible without sacrificing your results.

High-Quality Aligners

In the Invisalign process, you’ll have a series of aligners, each for a different step of your treatment plan. This means you’ll change aligners approximately every two weeks, although each person’s treatment plan may vary. Still, you want aligners that are high-quality, accurate, and durable enough at each step of the way, and this is what our cosmetic dentistry team provides.

Discreet Treatments

One of the top reasons patients choose Invisalign is the discreet look. While you’re getting treatment, people don’t see metal braces that stand out against your white teeth. They only see you. Not only does Invisalign offer this advantage, but even the aligner cases today are more stylish and discreet so you don’t need to compromise any aspect of your fashionable look.

Getting Your Dream Smile with Invisalign

When our patients come to see us to start their Invisalign journey, many say they’ve wanted to improve their smile for so long but were concerned about how they would look during their treatment. Not only does Invisalign give you a more natural look, but the stigma associated with braces (and adult braces, in particular) is fading quickly. It’s now more of a lifestyle choice, similar to getting Botox injections or toning your muscles, rather than something people do because they think there is something wrong with them.

Whatever your reasons may be, Invisalign can help you rediscover your truly carefree and confident smile, probably with less time and difficulty than you expect. To learn more or to start the process today, call Sydney Road Dental Care to schedule your first visit.


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