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The Most Comfortable Dental Clean in Sydney!

14 Jul 2021

Everyone knows that a regular, professional dental clean is essential for long-term dental health. But not everyone likes the sensation of a dental clean. At Sydney Road Dental Care, we offer the no-touch Airflow dental clean. It’s a whole new way to deep clean your teeth that we promise you will enjoy – rather than endure! Now that’s a great reason to smile!

Book in for your Airflow dental clean in Sydney at our Manly Northern Beaches clinic.


Airflow technology is gentle, safe and comfortable. It’s the new standard in regular dental care

What is an Airflow dental clean?

Imagine a spa experience for your mouth, teeth, and gums – that’s an Airflow dental clean. Airflow doesn’t use traditional dental tools or ultrasonic cleaning to clean your teeth, which means it’s perfect for you if you find dental cleans uncomfortable and unpleasant due to sensitivity or sore gums.

Instead, a gentle flow of warm water, air, and a special powder is sprayed onto each tooth, to give it an intensive, exfoliating clean. We use Airflow technology all the way through your entire clean – even the hard-to-reach parts and tartar removal – so all you will feel is comfort!

Watch this video on the Airflow Dental Spa webpage to see it in action.

What does an Airflow dental clean involve?

Sit back, relax and you will see how Airflow does all the work without even touching your teeth. Airflow uses a technique called ‘Guided Biofilm Therapy’ (GBT). It’s a safe and gentle cleaning technique for teeth and gums, including implants, restorations, and sensitive teeth.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We check your teeth and gums for any visible problems.
  2. A special dye is then applied to your teeth. This shows us all the areas of invisible plaque – or ‘biofilm’ – on your teeth and gums that have been missed when brushing at home. The dye reveals exactly where you need the most help. And it also helps you to understand how you can improve your brushing technique, for better dental health in future.
  3. Now we know how much plaque you have and where it is, the Airflow machine can get started. A combination of warm water, fine cleaning powder, and air is sprayed onto your teeth and around your gums to remove the plaque and also everyday stains.
  4. Next, we use a thinner nozzle called Perioflow, to clean even more thoroughly in between all your teeth and gums and in the crevices of your teeth. Don’t worry, it’s just as gentle!
  5. If you have tartar build-up (the hard, white deposit that appears between your teeth and gums), we use the special Piezon attachment. This painlessly and effortlessly gets rid of tartar, with no scraping or discomfort.
  6. We give your teeth a final check to make sure there is no remaining plaque/biofilm and tartar.
  7. All done! Your teeth are now super clean, white, and bright! We will tell you how to brush well at home, to keep that just-cleaned feeling and your smile sparkling, until your next visit.

Ready to say goodbye to painful dental cleans? Secure your Airflow appointment here!. Airflow is available to all new and existing patients.


A dye is applied to show areas of bacteria accumulation. Our airflow with then gently remove the bacteria and stains

Can I book an Airflow dental clean with you if I am a patient at another clinic?

Yes! Many people choose to come to Sydney Road Dental Care for specific dental treatments and to access technology that their regular or local dental practice does not offer or specialise in. We welcome patients from near and far.

We would love to see you at our Manly clinic if you are looking for an Airflow dental clean in Sydney – we are just minutes from Manly Wharf. Plus, it’s also a great excuse to have a day out exploring the beautiful Northern Beaches! Go home with wonderful memories and brighter, cleaner teeth!

What our patients say about Airflow

“I normally experience quite a lot of sensitivity and dread a dental clean. But with Airflow I experienced no sensitivity at all! I could barely feel a thing. Once we were finished my mouth and teeth have never felt so squeaky clean. My teeth are also much whiter, all the stains are gone. It is without a doubt the best dental clean I have ever had. I can’t stop smiling – I absolutely loved it.”


Dental clean FAQs

Why do I need to have a dental clean?

A dental clean is how you can prevent future problems with your dental health. Everyday brushing and flossing are usually not enough because most people don’t brush as effectively or as regularly as they need to, and don’t floss at all.

That’s where a dental clean comes in. It removes all the problem-causing plaque, tartar, and bacteria – especially from areas that you can’t see or reach – which if left untreated can lead to cavities, gum disease, and eventually, bad teeth!

A thorough clean now helps to avoid issues and the associated expense, discomfort, and time of treatment. And it means you will always have a clean, beautiful smile.

When the bacteria is left on the teeth too long it hardens and becomes tartar. This needs to be removed every 6 months to prevent the onset of permanent gum disease

Can I have a regular ultrasonic dental clean instead of Airflow?

Yes, at Sydney Road Dental Care you can choose the type of clean you have – what matters is that you have one! Airflow is there as an option for you, if you want a dental clean in Sydney that is pain-free, comfortable, and very effective.

If you are someone who has avoided a dental clean because you don’t like the feeling (even though you love the feeling afterwards!), then try Airflow. Many of our clients that have experienced Airflow have said that they will never go back to a traditional clean – and now actually look forward to their next cleaning appointment.

Who will I see for my Airflow dental clean in Sydney?

Airflow dental cleans are performed by both our Hygienists and our Dentists. Hygienists are highly skilled, specialised dental professionals that are trained in preventative dental care and oral health. You can combine your Airflow clean with your regular dental check-up appointment, if you wish to.

How often should I have a dental clean?

A dental clean every six months is usually sufficient for most people. But we may advise a clean more often if you are at high risk of tooth decay or gum disease.

How long does a dental clean take?

How long you will be in the dentist’s chair depends on the type of clean you are having, and any teeth and gum issues that may be present. Most cleaning appointments are completed within an hour, including assessment time.

What happens if I miss my dental clean or check-up?

Delaying your dental check-ups and cleans means there is the possibility of a problem going undetected, which may lead to more extensive dental treatment and costs in the future. That’s not what we want for you.

We want you to take time out for your teeth. Your dental health is so important – it affects how you eat, drink, speak and smile. So don’t avoid your check-ups or cleans because you are afraid or worried about what we will find, or that it will hurt.

You will be treated with gentle care by our team, using the most advanced, pain-free, and effective treatments and technologies that we can find, such as Airflow and sleep dentistry.

What other preventative dental treatments do you offer?

Maintaining your smile involves more than just a clean every six months. Your preventative dental health programme at Sydney Road Dental Care is comprehensive and also includes:

Dental check-ups

Keeping up with your check-ups is just as important as keeping up with your cleans! At your dental check-up we don’t just look at your teeth. We examine your gums, tongue, cheeks, and lips – everything in and around your mouth!

By having a regular check-up, every six months, we can detect any new changes in the health of your mouth as early as possible, to help you avoid extensive, uncomfortable treatment in the future.

We also have a look at how well you are maintaining your oral hygiene, referring you for a clean if you need one. If you do need further treatment, or an issue is found, you will be given a fully-costed treatment plan that will have you smiling again in no time.

Oral cancer check

We also perform an oral cancer check every six months. This is part of your regular check-up and simply involves a non-invasive examination of your mouth, throat, and neck to look for any symptoms that may warrant further investigation and testing.

Monitoring existing health conditions

If you have existing health conditions, these can sometimes impact your oral health, as can medications that you take. We take careful note of any factors that can affect your dental health as well as your wellbeing, so we can monitor and review your treatment and care at every visit.

Fluoride application

Fluoride keeps your teeth healthy and strong – that is why it is in toothpaste. We apply a concentrated, fluoride foam coating to your teeth when you come for a clean, for added protection against bacteria and plaque.

Teeth cleaning advice

We’re the experts in dental health, and we want you to be too! We will give you professional tips and advice so you can look after your teeth properly at home, in-between visits. A simple tweak to how you hold your toothbrush and a new way to floss (even flossing regularly to start with!) can make all the difference. We will show you how.

Updated X-rays

X-rays tell us about the dental problems that we can’t see, that are hidden between the teeth, underneath the gums, around the bones, or the roots of the teeth. For this reason, we need to update your dental X-rays regularly – every two years for small x-rays taken inside your mouth, and every five years for large X-rays of your whole mouth.

At Sydney Road Dental Care we use the latest in safe X-ray technology, including panoramic OPG dental X-rays and Cone Beam CT Scans (CBCT) if we need a more detailed picture. You can learn more about our state-of-the-art technology here.

Explore your options for a dental clean in Sydney

Dental xrays are now digital so they are safe. Every few years your dental xrays require updating for thorough diagnosis

Talk to our team about your dental clean options and book your Airflow dental clean in Sydney with Sydney Road Dental Care. Call us on (02) 9977 2442 or book online. You can also send us a treatment enquiry here.