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Top 10 Benefits of Modern Dentistry

2 Mar 2021

The dentistry field has made drastic improvements over the last decade, and we are proud to offer the latest technology and care techniques to ensure you have the healthiest, most attractive smile of your life. Read on to learn the top ten benefits of modern dentistry.


  1. Long Term Approach

We believe that the key to successful dentistry lies in taking a long-term approach focused on preventive care. Far too often, we have seen problems fester until they require invasive dental work that could’ve been avoided if treated in the early stages. We want to ensure you never have to receive more dental work than necessary, and collaborate with you to create a safe, healthy oral care routine that revolves around prevention rather than focusing on eventual invasive procedures.


Examples of this include:

  • We encourage good home care and diet -> this reduces the chance of dental decay and gum disease
  • Fillings when cavities are present -> early detection of cavities can simply be restored with a filling. If these are not detected then they can become tooth infections requiring extensive treatment like root canal therapy, extraction or dental crowns
  • Professionally cleaning your teeth -> Dentists remove calculus which is a hard deposit formed on teeth. If this is left too long on the teeth a condition known as periodontitis can develop which results in loose teeth that eventually fall out
We prefer collaboration as this allows you to become part of the process
  1. Better Communication

We know what it’s like to go to a dentist, receive advice that’s difficult to understand, think you’re following everything to a T and then return to your dental office only for the dentist to ask, “Why haven’t you followed the directions I gave you?” This can be an incredibly disheartening experience, and one that can lead to more dental work than was originally necessary. That’s why we strive for better, smarter communication with our patients. We try to break everything down into easily understandable, detailed instructions so you know what and how you’re supposed to be taking care of your teeth as well as answering any questions you may have before you go home.

At Sydney Road Dental Care our clinicians focus on spending time with you. We use images, examples and dental x-rays so that you can understand what is happening, your options and what decisions are best for you.

We believe that everyone should be able to understand what is happening with their health so that you can make the best decision
  1. Giving Options

Dental care plans are not one size fits all, and that’s why we strive to provide you with as many options as possible, depending on the care your smile needs. Have missing teeth? We’ll work with you to decide whether dentures, a bridge or dental implants are the best fit for your lifestyle and your mouth’s needs. Unlike the other guys, we will create a dental solution as unique as you.


We will work with what your goals are, your timeline and your budget. Quality dentistry has never before been so accessible.


  1. Your Comfort is Our Priority

Receiving dental work can be stressful and painful, but it doesn’t have to be. We are dedicated to making the experience as comfortable as possible for you by offering several options for pain management options, whether with numbing creams, injections, nitrous oxide or complete sedation, depending on your needs. You’ll no longer need to worry about the dentist causing unnecessary pain because your comfort level is a top priority in our dental practice.


Being able to provide a comfortable environment is our priority and is one of the reasons why we are one of the top rated practices in Sydney.

Ensuring your comfort at all times is our priority
  1. Cutting Edge Technology

Dental care will always be dependent on the skill and expertise of the clinician but cutting edge technology greatly improves patients’ experience at the dental office. We are pleased to offer the best technology on the market, such as digitised x-ray machines, panoramic and 3D radiography, and Digital Smile Design to create a plan for your smile makeover that you can actually see and interact with. We also have an in-house milling machine to provide you with crowns the day you come in, meaning you’ll no longer need to wait 2-3 weeks for crowns to be created, shipped and delivered like in other dental offices. All of our machines are internationally recognised as providing the highest quality care, which means you’re in the best possible hands.

3D scanning
3D scanning technology means no more messy impressions
  1. Highly Trained Staff

We’ve heard horror stories from patients who have attended a dental office only to encounter staff with limited knowledge about the dentistry profession. Because of this, we strive to make sure all of our staff members receive the most up-to-date dentistry training and promote open communication between all of our staff members, from the receptionists to assistants to dentists, in order to ensure our workplace is efficient and revolves around team collaboration.


  1. The Best Materials

We only provide our patients with the highest quality materials in the industry while tailoring the materials used in your procedure to the needs of your mouth. For example, pure porcelain crowns are suitable for many patients, but may not be the right fit for someone who severely grinds their teeth. Instead zirconia or gold crowns, may be a better option. We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution while guaranteeing you’ll receive the highest-quality materials on the market.


  1. Better Results

Because of our personalised care plans, direct and easy to understand instructions, cutting-edge technology and highest quality materials, we’re confident you will receive the best results you possibly can. Why put your dentistry requirements in the hands of subpar dental offices when you can receive the best possible care with us?


  1. Your Smile Will Last Longer

Because of our dedication to providing the highest quality dental care in the area, your smile will last longer and your teeth will be stronger. You’ll no longer need to worry about whether you can eat everything on your plate nor will you constantly be wondering about the status of your implant or crown. Our dental work is made to last, and you’ll see better results than ever before.

Cerec milling machine an amazing technology in the modern dental practice providing extremely accurate One Day Crowns
  1. Less Dental Work

Because of our primary focus on prevention rather than turning to invasive procedures as the first option, you’ll need less dental work. This is something we are proud of. There have been many times where we have been able to achieve a result that is simpler and more cost effective for our patients. Patients have been very appreciative of this and the fact that they need fewer visits to our office as possible so you can spend your time living your life rather than in a dental chair.


We’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality dental care in the area due to our focus on cutting edge technology, the industry’s highest quality materials, knowledgeable staff that communicates with you and personalised preventive care. Schedule a consultation today so we can work with you to create the smile of your dreams.