Accidents can happen to anyone at any given time. It is important to know what to do when accidents occur. Knowledge of basic dental emergency remedies can spell the difference between losing one’s teeth and saving it.

The first thing to do during dental emergencies to call your dentist to say that something has happened and that you are coming in with an emergency. Notifying them will help them prepare for the procedure cutting short the time spent in pain. Seeing your dentist immediately after the accident occurred will also contribute to saving you from a bigger problem. However, if the accident took place during unholy hours and your dentist is not open, opt to go to the nearest emergency room instead.

Here are some of the most common dental emergencies and the best thing to deal with them:

· Biting Your Lip Or Tongue

If you accidentally bit your lip or your tongue while eating, gently wash the area with water. Then, apply a cold compress. Doing so will help stop the bleeding. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, see your dentist immediately. If the bleeding stopped, but you are in a lot of pain, still, go to your dentist’s clinic and have it checked.

· Throbbing Toothache

Tooth pain is considered as one of the worst types of pain that people can suffer from. It is the kind of pain that throbs, making it difficult for you to concentrate on what to do. For toothaches, there are pain relievers available, just to make the pain manageable until you see your dentist. However, the most immediate thing to do is to rinse the mouth with warm water. Make sure that the aching tooth is clean. Floss if you need to do. Clean teeth help make the pain go away.

· Broken Jaw

How do you know if you have a broken jaw or not? When it seems impossible to touch the jaw, let alone move it, without screaming in pain, then you must have broken it. Immediately apply a cold compress to numb the area and help manage the pain. Then, bring yourself to the dentist or the emergency room for immediate help.

Dental emergencies can happen to practically anyone and everyone. When you are a parent of a growing child, dental emergencies might have become a part of your daily routine. You just have to make sure that your dentist sees the situation to help manage the pain and the treatment.