Digital Smile Design: The Technology Behind Designing Your Perfect Smile

1 Jan 2024

Given a magic wand, it may be straighter teeth, a wider smile, bigger teeth, smaller teeth, longer teeth, changing the shape of the teeth, a whiter smile, or just generally younger looking teeth. But how would you feel if you knew this was all possible without that magic wand?

Thanks to technology known as Digital Smile Design, we as dentists now can design exactly what it is the patient wants and do a trial ‘mock up’ in the mouth to show you what this would look and feel like – all before you decide whether to go ahead.

Digital Smile Design is a ground- breaking development in the way dentists can provide cosmetic dental treatment for our patients. It involves digital photography, dynamic video recording and computer software analysis – all combined to ensure any desired treatment is perfectly pre-planned and predictable. The trial ‘mock up’ of your new smile is placed directly over your natural teeth for you to see and trial. In doing so, you are able to test drive your new smile before committing to any more permanent restorative treatment, enabling you to start treatment confidently.

Our patients have appreciated and even enjoyed the process. They are amazed at how far dentistry has come in allowing them to be part of the design experience. Being able to know how it would feel before committing to any work has helped many of our patients build up the courage to move forwards with getting a smile that they now love. So how do you know if Digital Smile Design is the ‘magic wand’ you’ve
been searching for?

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