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Emma’s Journey to Veneers

20 May 2021

Our gorgeous patient Emma started an art tutoring business during the pandemic!

Say hello to…

Art Space At Your Place.

Emma packs up her supplies and sets up a small seminar in her client’s house where she guides a small group through painting a theme, like a vase of flowers or their inner mermaid.

It’s not just any old sip and paint session, however –

(Although Emma’s not against pouring a glass of red, if that’s what gets your creativity flowing. )

She’s there to guide, encourage and teach.

It’s her passion. She believes that if everyone were allowed to tap into their creative side and let it all out, the world would be a better place.

Emma’s past is as varied as her art: she graduated from St. Andrews in Scotland – at the same time
as Prince William – with a master’s in International Relations. After ski season she attended Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and was commissioned into the Royal Engineers, and eventually stepped into a full-time modelling career that carried on when she joined her now-husband in moving to Sydney in 2018.

Then the pandemic hit.

Modelling was out of the question, so Emma used quarantine to rediscover her passion for painting. She’d jump on zoom call painting sessions with friends for entertainment, and they were so fun that they urged her to make a business out of it.

Now, Art Space At Your Place is a popular business that brings the freedom and exhilaration of art into homes all over the northern beaches.

Because her modelling work and business involve giving presentations and sitting next to a mentee to go over a piece of artwork, Emma started thinking about getting a smile makeover she’d always wanted.


Her journey to veneers at Sydney Road Dental Care

Although she’d never been particularly embarrassed about her smile, her teeth were affected by antibiotics treatments from childhood, which left them brittle.

We couldn’t be happier that Emma chose Sydney Road Dental Care to guide her through the journey!

Usually, she hates visiting the dentist. It mostly means bad news is around the corner.

This time, she told us she felt relaxed and at ease knowing that she’d made the choice to come in on her own.

As Art Space At My Place reaches more people, the dental veneers are like tiny shields on her teeth to help her become more confident and know that as soon as people meet her, they’ll fall in love with her smile.

As a bonus, her smile makeover was finished in time for her wedding!

If you’re interested in having Em over for a painting workshop, she can be found online at Make sure to follow her on Instagram at @tygerandlamb and @artspaceatyourplace.

(…although she’d rather be painting than posting.)