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How Much Does a Smile Makeover Cost? [2024]

18 Apr 2024

Any makeover will involve a transformation in you, improving the way you look and feel compared with the way you were before. This goes for clothing, make-up, hair and even your smile. Very few people are completely comfortable with the way they look, and for the majority of us, this can cause a lack of self-esteem. If you have crooked, stained or even missing teeth this can lead to embarrassment and often cause us not to show our teeth when we smile or hide behind our hands.

Everybody should have the right to stand tall and smile proudly, and at Sydney Road Dental Care we aim to give you back your confidence, and your smile! Whatever your dental issues are, we have a solution for your problem, and the great thing about improving your dental health is it will create a healthier, happier you. Poor oral hygiene can lead to an array of other physical health problems, not to mention affecting your mental health too, so a smile makeover may be exactly what you need for your health and well-being.

How much a smile makeover will cost you has no simple answer as there are too many factors to consider. The price of a smile makeover varies based on the complexity and number of treatments involved. Typically, the costs range from $800 to $1500, tailored to your specific requirements. For an accurate assessment and quote, it is advisable to consult with a professional smile makeover dentist. New patients should contact the Sydney Road Dental Care team to receive a personalized estimate for their smile makeover. But when you visit a reputable dental clinic, you should expect to have a thorough and comprehensive examination of your jaws, mouth and teeth so your dentist can assess your oral health and create a treatment plan specifically for you.

What Is Involved in A Smile Makeover?

Depending on your current oral health you may need as little as a simple teeth whitening treatment to regain your wonderful smile or as much as a complete dental implant to replace dentures or missing teeth. We offer a superior dental service using world-class technology and invest a lot in training and equipment, so we can offer exceptional care to all our patients whatever their requirements.

We have a choice of different options and payment plans to keep the cost of a smile makeover affordable for everyone – there are at-home teeth whitening kits with custom-made trays and professional-grade teeth whitening that is more affordable than our in-chair treatments, and we are experts at repairing chipped or cracked teeth using a high-quality tooth-coloured composite resin.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Not Just for The Vain!

There can be a stigma attached to the word ‘cosmetic’, but this aesthetic branch of dentistry has never been more important. Many of the foods we eat today are high in sugar which will cause tooth decay, and beverages like tea, coffee and red wine all contribute to staining our teeth. Certain medications can also stain teeth and it is not uncommon to chip or lose teeth throughout a lifetime, but thanks to modern technologies these issues can be overcome.

We live in an image-conscious society where a radiant smile can increase your confidence, wow others and leave you feeling on top of the world! Imperfections in your mouth can be easily rectified and leave you wondering why you didn’t do something before, so contact us today and treat yourself to an all-important smile makeover!