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What Is A Smile Makeover? How Does It Work?

18 Apr 2024

What Is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a way to give any person a beautiful smile. Feeling healthy and happy will improve anybody’s confidence, and a radiant smile goes a long way and can make a lasting impression. In an image-conscious society where everyone carries a mobile phone and any moment can be captured on camera, it has never been more important to feel confident about the way you look. A smile says so much about a person, and if you are embarrassed by your teeth, you may not be willing to beam a genuine smile at anyone, leaving people doubting your true personality. Flashing a real smile invites others to see you as a trustworthy and agreeable person, who is approachable, sociable and friendly.

Thanks to advances in modern dental technology a smile makeover is something available to everyone because everybody has the right to improve their smile and feel healthier and happier than they did before. All dental imperfections, however large or small, can be fixed with the help of cosmetic surgery, and any reputable dentist should offer a smile makeover.

How Does a Smile Makeover Work?

A smile makeover does not simply mean bleaching your teeth sparkly white. Do not be tempted to go and buy commercially available at-home tooth whitening kits just because they seem like a bargain. These kits usually contain a less concentrated solution than professional dentists can supply, requiring many more treatments to get the same results, and may cause damage to your teeth.

When you visit a reputable dentist like Sydney Road Dental Care, expect to have a full examination of your teeth and a personalized service that will help plan your treatment, so you achieve the results you want whilst keeping within the budget you set. You don’t have to put up with stained, chipped or missing teeth, or spend the rest of your life with dentures, we will help create a customised plan outlining the procedures you will need to restore a beautiful and bright smile.

A smile makeover works through a range of treatments, and we offer affordable options and payment plans to help you reach your goals. With our help, you will benefit from improved oral health, natural-looking and long-lasting results, and enhanced self-esteem with your new, radiant smile.

Make A Smile Makeover Work for You

Whatever the imperfections are in your mouth, we have the solutions to fix them. Stained or discoloured teeth can be brightened with our simple in-chair whitening treatment that is usually completed in one session, or the more affordable at-home kit which is especially convenient if you have extra sensitive teeth. Chipped and uneven teeth can be rectified with composite resin and porcelain veneers, whilst crowns will add strength and durability to teeth. Dental implants are the permanent solution to replace lost or missing teeth and are a huge improvement on old-fashioned dentures. Lastly, unsightly braces can be replaced with invisible aligners known as Invisalign to straighten misaligned teeth.

Why wait any longer? Improve your oral hygiene, increase your general well-being and restore your smile today.